Whois Domain Lookup

Try our Whois domain tool now to find out if that domain you’ve had your eye on has already been taken. If it’s available, great! Register it today. If it’s already in use, why not make them an offer they can’t refuse?

What is ‘Whois’?

As per ICANN regulations, when a domain is registered, registrants must provide registrars with up-to-date contact information. This information is displayed publicly in the Whois database, which acts like a giant address book that anyone can view.

Check a domain name's availability

If you want to know the availability of a domain name, simply type the name into our WHOIS search field and we'll let you know if the domain is available, or not.

Find a domain owner

Whether you want to buy a domain or learn who owns it, use our WHOIS search field. Enter the domain name and you'll get key info, including availability, ownership, creation, and expiration.

Learn when a domain will expire

If you want to buy a domain, knowing when it expires is helpful. As the date approaches the owner may want to sell, or better yet, let it expire — and you're right there to scoop it up.

How can I use the WHOIS lookup tool?

Viewing the WHOIS information for any domain name is as simple as typing the domain name into the search bar above. Our tool will allow you to search the WHOIS for most top level domains in order to learn the registrant information as well as the nameservers.

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