Signature generator

A signature generator is a tool that helps you create an online signature. eSignatures are a fast and easy way to sign contracts and legal documents.

Note: Use a touchpad, mouse, phone, tablet or other mobile devices to draw a free downloadable electronic signature. Customize smoothing, color and more.

What does your signature say about you?

Even though there’s no formal science around signature analysis, we can confidently say that your signature and handwriting is a statement of your personality. After all, no one in the world has the same signature as yours.

Let’s see what your signature might say about you by analyzing different traits and taking a look at the signatures (and calligraphy styles) of some of the most successful business men and women in history.

eSignature Creator FAQ

Do you keep a record of my signature on your system?

No, for privacy reasons we do not keep any record of your signature data or your signature image on our servers. Everything that happens related to your signature is done in your browser and can't be seen (or accessed) by anyone else.

What's the difference between an online signature, electronic signature, and digital signature?

This free tool helps you create a free downloadable electronic signature, which is the same as an online signature. Digital signatures are a type of electronic signature with encrypted information that helps verify the authenticity of messages and documents. This typically involves a more complicated process involving private and public encryption keys. More on digital signatures here.

Can I use this signature maker tool for legal documents?

Absolutely. When you enter or draw your name it gets converted into a downloadable signature image. This image can be embedded in documents, PDFs, and anything else that supports using images. Signatures by themselves don't make things legal, but they can help with identification and intent when it comes to legal contracts.

How do I use the signature image that I downloaded from here?

Signature images are meant to be added to documents or other places that allow embedding of images. Once downloaded you may want to keep the file on your computer (or save in an online storage service like Dropbox).